avenging of blood watermarked.jpg
avenging of blood watermarked.jpg


These letters, one copy in Welsh and another in English, are addressed from Rebecca. Typical of many letters from the rioters, it threatens the addressee with violence unless they meet some demands. The English reads,

'Avenging of Blood

June 19 1843.

As thy soul liveth and as we live if thou do not come out thou and the paupers that are under thy care before next Wednesday we are determined to destroy it wholly and woe be to thy body for we shall take care of thee that thou shalt not escape (!Beware!) joke we do not any more


Beyond demonstrating Rebecca's leveraging of fear and offering nonviolent outlets as well as the duality of language in Wales, this letter is also a testament to the sophistication and organisation of Rebecca, hardly typical of what one might think of as 'riots'.