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jug from auction.jpg


A Yeovil ‘Riot Jug’ awarded to all members of the Mudford Yeomanry Cavalry for ‘their manly and forbearing character’ in facing and forcibly dispersing the crowd.

Inscription: 'Presented By The Inhabitants of Yeovil & it's vicinity in testimony of their approval of the conduct of the Mudford Troop Of Yeomanry Cavalry during the Riots in that Town in 1831. To Mr Wm Marden'

The cause of the October 1831 riot arose from the defeat of William Ponsonby, the Whig Reform candidate, by Lord Ashley in a Dorset Parliamentary election at Blandford. There were allegations that Lord Ashley’s agents had behaved corruptly in the election, and the protests led to rioting in Blandford and Sherborne.

The worst injury incurred on the day was when one of the Yeomanry shot himself in the leg.